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Who's Who


Headteacher                                     Miss U. Clark

Deputy Headteacher                         Mrs. S. Lown


Year R         Hedgehogs                   Mrs. C. Watson & Ms. C. Andrews
Year 1          Ladybirds                      Mrs. J Cole

Year 2          Butterflies                     Mrs. S. Alden

Year 3          Rosen                           Mrs L. Horrell & Mrs K. Sullivan

Year 3/4       Dahl                              Mrs M. Warner

Year 4          J.K. Rowling                 Ms S. Edgerley

Year 5                                               Mrs. H. Pontefract

Year 6                                               Miss. K. O'Reilly

Year 6                                               Miss. A. Ford


SEN Co-ordinator                             Mrs. A. Kirby

(Special Needs)


Additional Teaching Support            Mrs. L. Harris
                                                         Mrs. B. Norman



Sports Teacher                                Mr. Shelley

                                                         Mr. Maynard     


Members of School Non-Teaching Staff


Administrative Officer                       Miss. P. Smith

                                                         Mrs. L. Emerson


Administrator                                   Mrs. D. O’Brien

Senior Administrative Assistant       Mrs. J. Tucker                


Learning Support Assistants           Mrs. L. Bassett

                                                        Mrs. C. Blatch
                                                        Mrs. C. Clarke
                                                        Mrs. G. Forrest

                                                        Mrs. A. Gooch
                                                        Mrs. M. Hopkins

                                                        Mrs. B. Ritchie

                                                        Mrs. A. Weglarek


ICT Technical Assistant                  Mrs. C. Clarke


Early Years Assistants                    Mrs. M. Price

                                                        Mrs. C. Gigg


Cook in Charge                               Miss. J. Reade


Site Manager                                   Mr. D. Dunne

Taz Breakfast and After School     Mrs N. Rogers