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Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs


The curriculum is designed to provide access and opportunity for all children who attend the school. If we think it necessary to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of individual children, then we do so only after the parents of the child have been consulted.

If a child has a special need, the school does all it can to meet these individual needs. We comply with the requirements set out in the SEN Code of Practice in providing for children with special needs. If a child displays signs of having special needs, his/her teacher makes an assessment of this need with the SENCO. In most instances the teacher is able to provide resources and educational opportunities which meet the child’s needs within the normal class organisation. If a child’s needs are more severe the SENCO will work with the teacher and leaning support assistant to provide a suitably adapted curriculum. Other external agencies maybe involved as appropriate.

The school provides an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for each of the children who are on the special needs register. This sets out the nature of the special need, and outlines how the schools will aim to address the need. It also sets out targets for improvement, so that we can review and monitor the progress of each child at regular intervals.


Our SENCO is Marie Warner and she can be contacted via the School Office or a.senco@st-swithunwells.hants.sch.uk