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Early Help Support for Families

Please let us know if you would like any support and we will do whatever we can to signpost you to the most appropriate help.

Low or one-off support needs

What you family might be concerned about

There are some aspects of  your children's development which you would like to improve or change but are not sure how. This may include parenting at a specific stage of development or managing a specific behaviour or situation.

What this might look like in the family

Things in the family are generally going well, but you have one or two concerns about your child's behaviour or development. These may include:

  • sleep routines
  • sibling arguments, fighting or aggression
  • managing risk taking in teenagers
  • low-level school attendance issues
  • toileting
  • routines

Support process

We may be able to offer support by signposting you to relevant services on the Family Information and Services Hub (FISH)

We could offer can send a request to the Family Support Service for a one-off Session of Support (SOS) or referral to a specific parenting course.

Moderate support needs

What a family might be concerned about

If you are struggling with the following, please let us know and we can complete a request for support.

  • Children taking risks
  • Sudden changes in their child’s behaviour
  • Financial difficulties
  • Persistent absence or exclusion from school
  • Mental health concerns
  • No access to core services

What this might look like in the family

  • Conflict and argument, particularly around rules, boundaries, behaviour and how people in the home should act
  • Some of the behaviour is challenging
  • Parents or carers feel unable to change things which are of concern. For example, risk taking behaviour, not attending school
  • Behaviour may occur across a variety of settings (home, school, in the community) or with more than one child in same family
  • Parental or child mental health issues affecting positive changes

Support process

We can request support from other agencies and discuss what help we can give in school. Some times Emotional Literacy Support can help.