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This term our topic is

The Great Fire of London



The great fire!

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Our Great fire of London information leaflets:



How did the king help?

The King ordered the people to pull down houses. 

He paid people to help.

I think the King felt brave.

How did they put out the fire?

They used gunpowder.

They used water squirts.

They used leather buckets.

What happened in the great fire of london?

St Pauls Cathedral caught fire.

St Paul's Cathedral crumbled down.

I think the people felt scared.


By Igor K



How did the great fire of London start?

The great fire of London started

in the bakery on pudding lane

A hot col fell out of the oven and onto straw

The straw was on fire it was burning hot

The fire jumped to London Bridge



How did they stop the fire?

The used water squirts to put out the fire



By Poppy




How did the great fire of London start?

It all started at Pudding Lane Bakery. A hot col fell out of the oven.

Tom Farriner was the owner


How did the King help?

The King commanded to pull buildings down. He gave some money.


By Nishon


Bread making over hot coals

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