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Roald Dahl

Hello Year Four, 

I hope you are all well and enjoyed some of the work from last week. 

Thank you for all of the wonderful poems you sent me, it was lovely reading them. I have been so impressed with the excellent presentation and incredible language you have been using. This week there is a new mini topic and various types of writing tasks. If you need any help please let me know. 

Have a wonderful week. 
Miss Squibb




For your daily maths work there is a short morning task style activity which can be used as a warm up.

Before starting the White Rose Maths activity sheet, please follow the link to the White Rose website to watch the relevant video together for the day's activity. Then the White Rose maths activity sheet is available below along with an answer sheet.



This week you will be using the clip below to complete a variety of writing tasks. Please have a look at the tasks on the suggested timetable. I can't wait to read some of your excellent writing. 


Choose 8 spellings each week to focus on and keep revisiting them.

Add ones your child gets wrong to the next week's spellings.

More challenging reading tasks 


Each week there will be a mini topic for you enjoy. The theme of the topic will change weekly and there will be lots of activities as suggestions to help you learn about the subject including research, making things, writing and watching.  Try to choose at least 2 or 3 different activities to complete for each grid. If one topic really interests you, you might choose to do more than one week on it. 

PSHE 100 fun indoor activity ideas

PSHE- Being kind to yourself

Welcome to Dahl Class!

Miss Squibb

Miss Diddams

Mrs Bassett


Dear Parents,

We have put together a suggested timetable for home learning in order to help you all at this difficult time.  Research has shown that it is important to stay in a routine and separate ‘school’ from being at home so we hope this supports you in doing so.

Each class has completed a grid with 12 different activities loosely linked to the different areas of the curriculum.  It is expected that the children will spend time on these but that the length of time will vary depending on the task and the interests of the child.  The project-based approach is meant to help the children become immersed in an activity and want to complete it without too much fuss!  The activities will all remain until after the Easter Holidays when some will be updated whilst others will remain for the length of the school closure.




How learning website links and timetable