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Welcome to Rosen Class (Year 3)

Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Stuttaford

Mrs Weglarek and Mrs Clarke.

It's the summer term!

We will continue to set work for you in the home-learning grid

please do your best and we look forward to seeing you before too long.

Dear Parents,

We have put together a suggested timetable for home learning in order to help you all at this difficult time. Research has shown that it is important to stay in a routine and separate ‘school’ from being at home so we hope this supports you in doing so.

Each class has completed a grid with different activities loosely linked to the different areas of the curriculum. It is expected that the children will spend time on these but that the length of time will vary depending on the task and the interests of the child. The project-based approach is meant to help the children become immersed in an activity and want to complete it without too much fuss!  After the Easter Holidays when some of the activities will be updated whilst others will remain for the length of the school closure.



Dear Children,

We are still missing you!  We've been thinking about you and have created grids of activities with a suggested timetable for you.  We have done this to help you stay in a routine and not get bored! It is also important so that your learning can carry on.

I know it is going to be really hard not having us teaching you each day so you just need to do your best with these activities. Some of them might be tricky to begin with but keep trying and you will find that you get better as it goes on. If you are in touch with other children from Rosen class, you could ask them for their help getting started (not giving them the answers!)

Lastly, lots of your parents will be at home but they will be expected to work too so the more you interrupt them, the more cross they are going to get because it might mean that they have to work in their evenings instead. You can do these tasks we have set you, imagine how impressed they will be when they see what you have achieved on your own!

Good luck, keep learning, stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you all again soon


Mrs Stuttaford and Mrs Sullivan



Suggested timetable


9.00 and before - wake up get up, have breakfast and prepare for the school day. Put on something comfortable as you will be doing some exercise!


9.00-9.30 - Physical, follow the exercise on YouTube with Joe Wicks.


9.30-9.40 - Break, have a drink and catch your breath after the workout!


9.40-10.30 Maths, do some Timestables Rock stars as a warm up then choose from Mymaths or Century learning<

You will need to set up an account with an email address and use this login for Year 3 work: FHLQ69 


10.30-10.45 Break - If it’s dry, get outside and be active! (Or look on our Year 3 learning grid for ideas and links to activities)


10.45-11.30 Reading - Read and make a few notes for your book review. (Or look on our Year 3 learning grid for another idea.)


11.30-12.30 Writing/Spelling or Phonics, look on our Year 3 learning grid.


12.30-1.30 Lunch -  Eat with your family if possible and tell them about what you have been learning. Then go outside again and have some fun!


1.30-3.15 Other tasks - Choose another 1 or 2 activities from your year group grid to work on. Spend at least 45 minutes on a task before moving on to help you be more productive.


3.15-4.00 Free time - If it’s dry, go outside. Maybe organise a game with your siblings, go to the park if you are allowed or on a bike ride.


4.00 Onwards -You may well have spent a lot of time in front of a computer screen so think of some different things you can do, perhaps you could learn to make a new meal with an adult, play a board game with your sibling, clear out a cupboard in your bedroom to surprise your parents and carers! Try not to go to bed later than normal on a school night because it’s important that you stay in a routine.


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