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Sainbury's School Games

Year 5 and 6 basketball tournament


On January 10th, some members of Year 5 and 6 attended a basketball tournament at Thornden School. The children worked incredibly hard and we were very impressed by their perfomance - all were very competitive but played fairly. The team won 2 matches, drew 1 and lost 3, but had more scoring attempts than all the other 6 teams combined! It was just unlucky that not many of the attempts resulted in a score.


Well done to the whole team!


2016 - 2017

Year 4 and 5 Rounders - By Shay


A couple of weeks ago (15th June), a rounders tournament took place for Year 4s and 5s. In total there were four different local schools competing: including St. Swithun Wells.

We had 3 matches and we managed to get into the finals. We came second place, losing by just 1 and a half rounders.

On our first match we were playing Charlton B team and in our final match (3rd match) we played them again. There were 9 on our St. Swithun Wells team. Morven was bowling and I was a fielder. All of the boys on our team were fielders. Most of us in the St. Swithun Wells team  were very excited but also quite nervous.

We had a very enjoyable day representing our school and our team also got medals at the end. We were happy and proud!

Girls' Active Day


On Tuesday 6th June, lots of our girls went to St. George's Catholic College for a P.E. day led by the Year 10 girls. It was a REALLY fun day with lots of activities to do. The girls were mixed up and put in groups with girls from other schools. There were prizes at the end of the day for the teams that earned the most points for teamwork, perseverance and respect. The girls had a great time and made lots of new friends, as well as try out some different sports and games. 

Year 4 Sailing


On Friday 26th May, some of the Year 4 children had a fantastic NEW experience when they went sailing at Southampton Water Activities Centre on the River Itchen. The sun shone and it was quite windy, which actually gave the children a great sailing experience! Some said 'It was the best day EVER!' whilst others laughed hysterically at all the capsizing that went on. A brilliant experience for all!

Year 3 and 4 Tennis tournament

By Jack Robbins


On Friday 12th May, four of us from Years 3 and 4 went to a tennis tournament at Toynbee. The people who went were: Saoirse, Tadhg, Elizabeth and Jack.

We each played 7 games that lasted about 9 minutes. The weather was sunny, which is good for sport. It was fun because we got to play a lot of tennis and we came 4th out of 12 teams.



A note from Mrs Warner: The children at the tournament played exceptionally well and we had many compliments from other schools and parents about the lovely manner that our 4 children showed. Well done tennis team!


The tennis team!

Year 5 and 6 Netball tournament


During March, the Year 5 and 6 members of our netball team took part in High-5 netball competitions at Toynbee school. The children played phenomenally well across their numerous matches; scoring many goals, working brilliantly as a team, playing with passion and applying their skills that they have worked so hard to develop. Some of our children were the runners-up in their league, whilst others played at the same high standard as schools who had fielded league/club-standard pupils, and so on the whole, they really excelled.

A huge well done to you all, we are so proud of you!

Netball A team

Year 5 and 6 Netball tournament (B and C teams)

By Giada


On the 2nd March 2017, some people across Year 5 and 6 went to a netball tournament at Toynbee School.

There were two teams from our school, the 'B' team and the 'C' team. The C and B team played well. However, B team got further.

The B players worked as a team to achieve their goal and do well.

After winning two games, drawing one and losing one, we did well enough to get into the finals. People that were off for some games were really supportive (yet might have felt useless because they couldn't help on the courts!)

We all worked well as a team and supported each other in the final game as well as the other matches.

We got into the semi-finals (and won that match, which made us go into the finals) and even though we didn't win the final match, we are all extremely proud of ourselves.




Year 3 and 4 Aquasplash - by Kiera Betteridge-Coleman, Year 4


On Thursday 8th December, a group of children went to Fleming Park to do a really fun swimming gala. It was a lot of fun! Our school came 7th out of 10 schools. We did lots of races like the front crawl relay, breast stroke, ball swim, float swim, and backstroke. No-one gave up and we all tried our best!

Football League at Toynbee


Over the last few Thursdays, many of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Football League held at Toynbee School between 4-5.30pm. They all played brilliantly as part of their team and we were delighted to have a mixture of boys and girls take part. Most games were extremely close and a goal either way made the difference to the outcome.

Unfortunately, we didn't make the semi-finals with either team, but we are very proud of the St. Swithun Wells football team who were a credit to our school - a huge well done to you all!

Year 6 Girls Football Festival


On Friday 14th October, some of our Year 6 girls took part in a football Festival at St. George's, run by the Saints Foundation. This was not a competition but a 2 hour session run by the Southampton FC Foundation to introduce football to girls and to further enhance the enjoyment of those already converted.


The 15 girls all had great fun and were rewarded for their hard work with gold medals, which they happily showed around the school!


Hopefully some of the girls will be interested to take their football skills further with upcoming competitions!


Well done girls!

Hurray! We have achieved the Silver Award with the School Games!

2015 - 2016

Rounder tournament at St. Mary's

By Izzy and Giada


On the 16th June, some people from the rounder's club went to a tournament at St. Mary's. We had lunch at 11.45 and left at 12.30. In the minibus, we chose our positions and went over the rules. When we got there, a tour guide lead us to the field where the tournament was being held. It was about five times the size of our school field.

The first game we played was against Merdon. It was a draw but becuase we got more of their team out, we won. Then we played Charlton House (A) but they won! We got through to the semi-finals and played Charlton House (B) and we won by 4 and a half rounders. We were through to the finals and we were against Charlton House (A) again!

Our best game was the semi-finals game. We got lots of people out and we scored 8 and a half rounders. The other team got 4 rounders. We never thought we could beat it, but we did! Us winning that gave us a lot of confidence.

When we heard that we got into the finals, we were speechless! Most of us screamed and danced and jumped around! We were so pleased with ourselves when we came second.

Rounders tournament - 16th June 2016

Aquasplash competition


On Thursday 7th January, 14 Year 3 and 4 children attended the Aquasplash competition at Fleming Park Leisure Centre. The team consisted of Amy, Joe, Max, Eoin, Wiktor, Emil, Harvey, Imogen, Kiera, Felicity, Jasmine, Isobel, Natalie and Christopher. The competition was tough...but many of our children managed to repeatedly come in the top 3 of their heats! There were a lot of hoarse voices with all the cheering we did - our team did a fantastic job in showing how to work as a team, so well done to you all! Overall, we came 7th, but every single member of the team tried their very best and we all saw some amazing swimming.


Well done team SSW!

Below is a link to the Toynbee Website that shows the full list of football results:


A huge well done to everyone who was involved - it was a great tournament!

Football league


A report by Sam, Year 5.


It was a great day as every team played to their top skill and speed. For example, SSW's number 7 kicked the ball through the other team's number 6's legs to SSW's number 5, and he scored. The shot curled into the bottom right corner of the goal when the goalkeeper dived to the wrong side of the goal. Scores are still coming in, but what I know personally is that the B and C team both won 1-0 and then drew 0-0.


People think everybody could have done better if the weather was dry, instead of cold and wet. These tournaments are on at Toynbee Secondary School for four Tuesdays, from 4-5.30pm. Even if teams won, drew or lost, everybody enjoyed the activity.

Eastleigh Cross Country league tournament (October 2015)


A report by Maksym, Year 5:

On Thursday 8th October, we went to Cross Country in Fleming Park. We went on the minibus to get there. After we got there, we had to go on the wet grass. The people from Toynbee helped us get there. First it was the girls from Year 3 and 4. Once the girls were finished, the boys were next. (By the way, we were doing cross country with people from other schools.) Then it was the girls from Years 5 and 6. Then it was the boys from Years 5 and 6. I had a great time!

Well done to all those children that have taken part - you can be very proud of yourselves!



Congratulations to Kian (Year 6) who has made it through to the next level of the Cross Country competition! This will be taking place on Friday 27th November at Fleming Park.


We're keeping our fingers crossed for you, Kian. Good luck!



The Sainsbury's 2016 School Games is a multi-sport event for the UK's elite young athletes of school age. During the course of the academic year our children will take part in sporting competitions to be eligible to take part in the Hampshire School Games which will be held in June 2016.