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All children who attend St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School are unique and special. It is our expectation of all members of staff to recognise and nurture the strengths and talents of every child. We strive to help every child develop their full potential and believe what we want for your child is what you want for your child - to be the very best they can be.


This page gives information about how we support children with Special Educational Needs. If you would like any further information please contact Mrs Warner, SENDCO or the Headteacher through the School Office or


Your support for your child’s education is crucial to their progress. Please tell us if there is any adjustments we need to make to help you support your child, for example: coloured overlays, letters in large font; letters in different languages; wheelchair access; explaining things over the phone.

The Nest


The Nest is a less formal room we have put aside for the children to use when they need a bit more support. Children can use the room at lunchtime if they are looking for a quiet lunchtime or are finding the playground difficult. One of our ELSAs is always available to offer a listening ear and to help the children resolve problems or discuss a worry. During this time, children can draw, read or play a game in a quieter environment. We work hard to ensure children don't spend too long in The Nest at lunchtime but encourage them to go outside. We also monitor who is visiting The Nest and if we notice a pattern will talk to class teachers.


In the afternoons the Nest is used for a nurture  type group. This group helps children develop their social communication skills and emotional well being and is led by an ELSA and LSA. It is a small group of children that have been invited to attend, after the SENCO has discussed it and explained the provision with their parents. Children complete some of the class work before they start on their activities which include cooking, gardening, science and art and work towards their individual targets. The provision is overseen by our SENDCO and our aim is that children will return full time to class as quickly as possible but when they are ready. 


The children also look after our giant African snails and numerous stick insects!


The Nest Staff are:

ELSAs - Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Laws and Mrs Gigg

LSAs - Mrs Bassett, Miss Diddams and Mrs Gooch