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Year 3 - Deers

Welcome to Year 3! 


Mr Sabatini



Homework is set on a Wednesday and should be completed by the following Monday.

Our Spelling tests are on a Monday. New spellings are set up on this web page on a Wednesday so the children can start to practise them.

Maths homework is set on My Maths and you can also practise times tables using TT rockstars. Spelling, punctuation and grammar homework is set on 



There is a PE lesson on Wednesday. The children should bring their PE kit and get changed in class. There is a second PE lesson on a Friday. Please make sure that your child wears their P.E. kit into school every Friday and, if at all possible, no earrings please. 



During the Spring term, we will visit Butser farm where we will learn about Stone Age Britain. A second trip will take place in Summer term when the children will visit Fishbourne Roman Palace to learn about Roman life in Britain. More information about these trips will be given nearer the time. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Spelling list due in on Monday 21st April 2024


Rule: The suffixes -ness and -ful following a consonant. 

1. sadness

2. careful

3. playful

4. happiness

5. plentiful

6. cheerful






Hello Everyone, 

I have checked the homework which some of you talked about with me. The main issue was about Q9, regarding subordinating conjunctions.

We use conjunctions to join sentences together.


Conjunctions can be coordinating if we want to join two separate sentences. These sentences would make sense on their own, but by joining them we can express more than one concept in one sentence, without being limited to short simple sentences, made up of a simple clause. For example, instead of writing:

I like walking. I like reading.

I can write:

I like walking and I like reading. 


Subordinating conjunctions join together a clause that would not make sense on its own (a dependent clause) to a main clause (we call it main because it would make sense even on its own). 

For example:


I go to sleep when I am tired


You notice that 'when I am tired' would not make sense on its own. It's subordinated to 'I go to sleep'. 

I hope this helps. Check the attached posters also.