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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

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       Mrs Holmes and Mrs Keenan                              Miss Costello

                    Mrs Brady                                                  Mrs Laws


This year is full of exciting learning opportunities. The page will be updated to show you all the topics and activities we will be doing.

Our topic this term is Early Islamic Civilizations.



Preparation for Year 6 - things to think about in the summer!

Annual Schools Mass - 7th June 2019


Year 5 have done an amazing job today and sounded incredible in Portsmouth Cathedral for the Annual Schools' Mass. We have had exceptional feedback from many people and they should be very proud of themselves - we certainly are! Well done to all their hard work and dedication to learning the lines and parts. 


If you would like to listen to an audio recording of their song today, the MP3 file has been uploaded onto the website.


Well done again, Year 5! 


Miss Costello and Mrs Keenan



Year 5 - I have a voice MP3

Audio recording of 'I have a voice' at Portsmouth Cathedral for the Annual Schools' Mass

Year 5 Annual Schools' Mass

Our Tudor Banquet


The children all had a fabulous time at the Tudor Banquet on Tuesday and looked spectacular in their costumes. From feasting and spit roasting chickens to dances, jesters and poetry, it really was a wonderful celebration of everything they had learnt about the Tudor period. Thank you to everyone who came along and for supporting them in this event. 



Our Tudor Banquet

Our Tudor Banquet 1
Our Tudor Banquet 2
Our Tudor Banquet 3
Our Tudor Banquet 4
Our Tudor Banquet 5
Our Tudor Banquet 6
Our Tudor Banquet 7
Our Tudor Banquet 8