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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Miss Ford                                                 

Miss Costello                                       Mrs Ritchie

Mr O'Brien                                          Mrs Laws

Mill Rythe update

On 20th April, the BBC are launching a range of lessons to help you continue learning during the lockdown.  Spend some time this week having a look and exploring them.  

My Maths video tutorials 


To help with My Maths tasks set currently, or in the past, there are videos now uploaded in the Video Resource Centre, under the tab Our Children on the School website: 


Remember to try the tasks yourself first to work out if you find it tricky, then after watching the video to help, have another try on My maths in order to aim for 100% and a green star. 

Websites to help your child prepare for the KS2 SATs

Updates from the Year 6 Website monitors

parliament trip

parliament trip 1

Southampton Art Gallery Trips

Southampton Art Gallery Trips 1
Southampton Art Gallery Trips 2