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Welcome to the Governors' section.

As per our constitution, there are 12 governor positions at St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School, plus associate members. As we are a Voluntary Aided Catholic School we have 7 foundation governors appointed by the Bishop of Portsmouth, who have a specific responsibility to maintain the Catholic ethos of the School. We also have 2 parent governors elected by parents at the school and one local authority governor appointed by Hampshire County Council. The Headteacher and 1 other member of staff are also members of the governing body. The Associate Members of the Governing Body include the Deputy Headteacher and other SLT members, ex-Governors and/or persons who can support the Governors where gaps are identified in the Governors Skills Audit.


Our membership is as follows:



Foundation Governors 

End date


Fr Raffaele CossaNov 2026Curriculum, Catholic Life of the School.
Mark Casey           (Co Chair & Parent)Sept 2024Curriculum, Safeguarding, Admissions.

Chris Williams         (Co Chair & Parent)

Sept 2024

Curriculum, SEND, Admissions, Catholic life of the School, HT Performance & Pay.

Aine Parker

Jan 2026Curriculum, Admissions, EAL.
Lorraine SmithJan 2026Resources.

Parent Governors



Peter NeweySept 2023Resources, HT Performance & Pay.
Lucy GoddingNov 2024Curriculum, Admissions, PTFA, Governor Training, HT Performance & Pay.

LA Governor







Staff Governors



Anne-Marie Jordan (Headteacher)



John White

Nov 2025      



Associate Members



Sherlyn Lown (Deputy Headteacher)  
Kate Sullivan (SenCo)  


The governing body has a range of duties and powers and provide strategic leadership with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the school provides a Catholic, Christian education in which children can grow in knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.
  • Setting targets for pupil achievement.
  • Managing the School’s finances.
  • Making sure the curriculum is balanced and appropriate to the needs of the pupils.
  • Taking general responsibility for the conduct of the school, including discipline and attendance.
  • Appointing staff and reviewing staff performance.
  • Set and agree the Admissions Policy on an annual basis and maintain an overview of admissions.
  • Contribute to the goals and strategy of the school development and improvement plan.


The Governors are not involved in the day to day management of the school. This is the responsibility of the Headteacher and senior leadership team.  

Each Governor is expected to contribute fully to the work of the Governing Body and attend Board Meetings, which are held twice a term, and one or more of the Committees or Working Parties, which oversee the detail of our work.

Committees will have a constitution, a programme of meetings, with an agenda and must be minuted and quorate.

Working parties are not scheduled but dates should be circulated to all as far in advance as possible, minimum number of 2 to be quorate, but encouraged to invite additional attendees who can contribute to the meeting, notes of the meeting should be distributed to all.


The following Committees and Working Parties are currently in place:


Committees' and Working Parties' Remit 

Admissions Committee:

The committee is responsible for all aspects of Pupil Admissions

including preparing the Admissions Policy on an annual basis to

be approved by the full Governing Body.It is also involved in

preparing documentation for any appeals



Lucy Godding

Chris Williams

Mark Casey





Pay Committee (HTPM):

This committee is responsible for the implementation of the

Pay Policy, including agreeing pay awards, having regard to

national policy, current legislation, local authority and Diocesan

guidelines.  It also develops, reviews and overseas the implementation

of the Governing Body's personnel policies and keeps up to

date with new legislation, advising the Governing Body of relevant developments.

The committee completes the annual review of the

Headteacher’s performance and agrees targets with her.


Peter Newey

Chris Williams

Lucy Godding


External Advisor


None of the above

may sit on pay appeals

nor the priest, chair, vice chair or staff governors




Finance Committee:

This working party works closely with the Headteacher to manage

the school budget. It completes Financial returns and ensures the

school is providing value for money.



Peter Newey

Lorraine Smith

Health & Safety & Environment Working Party:

This working party works with the site manager in regard to matters

concerning the staff, the school site and buildings, including

development and health and safety issues.



Peter Newey

Kate Sullivan

Lorraine Smith




Personnel working party:

This working party works with the Headteacher to recruit and

appoint staff. They also discuss personnel issues.




Peter Newey

Chris Williams

Mark Casey