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Boris Johnson's Road Map and Implications for Schools

Dear Parents

I hope you all managed to enjoy the fine VE day weather and are at least managing to get out today, even though it is cold and windy.

Like me, I'm sure, you listened to Boris Johnson's "road map" for relaxing the lockdown, which didn't include much detail as to what would happen in school other than EY, Yr1 and Yr6 would be the first year groups to return to school. As it stands, this is the only information I have in school and have no further details about how this will work in practice.
We can predict school will be different; with different arrangements for dropping and collecting children, moving around school, staggered breaks and lunchtimes and possibly variations to the curriculum. As soon as we receive further guidance from the Government we will be back in contact to explain the arrangements we have in place.

Best wishes

Miss Clark

Head teacher

St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School