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Class Allocations for September


Thank you for working with us so brilliantly over the last 4 months. I am amazed at how well the children have returned to school, followed the changes to routines and ways of working and been keen to meet up with their friends and settle back to work. 

Classes for next year are as follows:

Early Years               Hedgehogs Mrs Cole and Mrs Lord,

                                   Mrs Brady—EYA

Year 1 Ladybirds     Miss Turpin

                                   Mrs Gigg—LSA

Year 2 Butterflies    Mrs Warner

                                   Mrs Gooch + Mrs Doughty—LSA

Year 3 Rosen           Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Stuttaford

                                  Mrs Weglarek + Mrs Ritchie—LSA

Year 4 Dahl              Miss Squibb

                                  Miss Diddams—LSA

Year 5                      Mrs Costello-Sharp

                                  Mrs Laws—LSA

Year 6                       Miss Ford and Mr O’Brien

                                  Mrs Hopkins

Mr O’Brien will be teaching Year 3 on Friday to provide cover. Mrs Horrell will be teaching Years 2 and 5.

Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Bassett and Miss Diddams will be providing 1-1 support for individual children.