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Return to School

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a good half term.

This week, children have begun returning to school – thank you for your support in staggering the start dates.

From Monday 8th June, once your child/ren returns to school we expect them to be every day at the time slots outlined below; having children in on odd days during the week is preventing teachers from teaching the children and causing further disruption to learning. We will continue to add work to the class pages on the website for those children who are unable to return to school and the expectation is that it will be completed. Please email work to teachers to show what has been completed - a scanned copy or photo is fine.

Therefore we are inviting children back to school in the following way;

Monday 1st June – Key Worker children only in any year group;

Wednesday 3rd June  Children in Year R whose parents are not key workers

Monday 8th June – Children in Year 1 whose parents are not key workers

 Wednesday 10th June Children in Year 6 whose parents are not key workers.


I also need to explain to parents that we can only offer a return to school for all the identified groups,  if all staff are available to be in school. If staff are unable to be in school due to illness, we will continue to provide care for key worker children but it may mean that we cannot accommodate non-key worker children and Bubble groups will be suspended starting with year 6.


Drop off and Collection

At the beginning and end of each day there will be a staggered drop off and pick up. The times listed below must be strictly adhered by all families, so that we can support social distancing and efficient hand washing.

Drop Off

8.30 am  -Surnames A- C

8.40am Surnames D-G

8.50am Surnames  H-M

9am Surnames N- S

9.10am Surnames T-W

At 9.30am Any EY child who may need a little more support coming into school


3pm EYFS Bubbles + their  siblings


3.15pm Year 1 Bubbles + their siblings


3.30pm Yrs 2 -5 Key Workers Bubbles + Y6 siblings


3.45pm Remaining Yr6



Only one parent can attend school and as far as possible other family members should stay at home.

On Arrival

  1. Parents must accompany their child to the arch gate and remain with them until their temperature has been taken.
  2. Parents and children line up along the fence adjacent to the field, respecting social distancing.
  3. Using the Arch Gate, parents and children come on to the site, and wait in line for the child/ren’s temperature to be taken.
  4. If the child has no temperature they will be sent to their Bubble Class (School staff will be available on the playground to help children).
  5. If the child does have a temperature or other symptoms,  they and their siblings will be asked to go home.
  6. Parents leave the site via the double parking gates. We would advise parents to return to their cars avoiding contact with other families; this could include crossing the road.
  7. As children get to the classroom there will be an opportunity for hand washing/sanitizing.
  8. If siblings have different surnames parents should arrive at the earlier time slot

At the end of the day

  1. Parents should follow the same queuing procedure and route as drop off.
  2. Children will be waiting on the playground for their parents to collect at the allocated time.
  3. Older siblings will be brought out onto the playground so that there can be a swift departure from the school site.
  4. Parents must collect at the time allocated to their youngest child and we will not be able to change these times.


Access to School and the Staff

Unfortunately, there will be no opportunity for parents to speak to staff on adhoc basis. Any messages for teachers must be emailed to the School Office and they will be passed on to the relevant member of staff.

If you need to come to school at a different time than listed above, parents are asked to phone the school on arrival and wait at the Arch Gate for further instructions as no parent can access the building.


Preparing your child to return to school

On returning to school, children will be split into one of 11 Bubble groups of no more than 15 children in each group. Some of the Bubble groups will be mixed-aged groups. This means that all classrooms including the Music and Art Rooms will be used and children will not necessarily be with their class teacher. The children will be completing more structured tasks, which will also be put on the website for home learning.

Children must wear their school uniform, although trainers will be allowed because we cannot change for PE. They should bring a coat in case of rain.

The children MUST bring the following items to school;

Must be taken home everyday

Water bottle – the water fountain cannot be used

Lunch box - if they are not having a school meal

Snack – for all children

Small packet of tissues

Waterproof coat or jacket

Reading book including reading scheme books


To be left in school

Pencil case with pens/pencils/sharpner/rubber/coloured pencils – not to be shared


Children are not allowed to bring:

  • A large rucksack,
  • Balls,
  • Mobile phone,
  • Hand sanitizer or hand cream,
  • Any toy from home

A skipping rope or yoyo can be brought to school by children in years 1-6, but cannot be shared.

Lockers and coat pegs will not be accessible; children will need to hang coats on the back of their chair and have their belongings next to them on the table.

Lunch and Snacks

The kitchen are operating a picnic menu, which continues to be free for any child in Early Years and KS1 and can be ordered and paid for by children in KS2. We will be operating a cashless system so all payments must be made through our online payment service.

There will be no Tuck Shop or Infant fruit or milk so children should bring a fruit snack with them.


  1. Before any medication is brought into school, parents should sanitize the boxes or containers and tie it into a plastic bag.
  2. On arrival, there will be a box for parents to deposit epipens and asthma inhalers which will be brought into the office.
  3. If your child requires any other medication then parents are asked to phone the Office to discuss what is needed and how this can be safely deposited  and administered at the school. However, we are only prepared to consider administrating prescribed medication.


Best wishes

Miss Clark